“For us education is not only making careers but amalgamation of values, character, wisdom and preparation to face life’s challenges.”

Mrs. L. Arora


Warm Greetings to all!

Walking and following the righteous path of our founder chairman today JBM is flourishing because of the high standards it has set since its inception in providing excellent education. With hard work, perseverance, honesty, and above all the blessings of almighty we have not only carried the beacon forward successfully but evolved as a group.
JBM Smart Start is adding a feather in its cap. Our endeavor is to nurture a new generation with a global outlook and converting human beings into being human. I know the impending time is full of challenges and we have to pace with time. We need to aim at developing our students’ creative, innovative, critical, communicative, social, and leadership skills to keep up with the pace of today’s modern era. The school has put forward a strong effort to meet the challenges and expectations to create empowering educational institution for a learning society.
I extend my best wishes on your caravan.