The Reading Nook

Reading Corner

Endeavour to create insatiable thirst for reading, widening mental horizons, positive thinking process, imagination, creativity fostering critical thinking, a lifelong love and respect to reading and books among students.

Montessori Room

Child centered learning with enriching ambience, curriculum and hands on activities, sharpening of observation, inquisitiveness and exploring skills in the Montessori lab.

THE CASA dei bambini
The Tech studio

Robot and computer lab

Playing with the physical objects and lab manipulative, developing invaluable skills like problem solving, logical reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, all done in tech studio/ Robotic lab.

Story Telling Patio

Kindling the imagination and stimulating curiosity in SMARTIES, the school facilitates special time…………………the story telling time, the best way and time to impart morals, values and virtues of honesty, courage and wisdom. Imaginatively developed Tale Café

The Tale cafe