We follow project-based investigation programme that is student centered with dynamic approach.

We believe in representational development which includes seven multiple intelligence theory. Language helps to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Our educators’ mentor linguistic skills through verbal communication and thinking in words. Our all activities involve conservation. Our Smarties demonstrate better linguistic skills when exposed in interpersonal and intrapersonal realms. Through reasoning, mathematics is taught to increase their thinking ability, intellectual potential and critical ability. We proffer play stations and give an opportunity to develop spatial skills. They wander and wonder, are free to explore, gain confidence and eventually enhance their self-esteem.

Children learn best in a hands-on environment. Our smarties are kinesthetic learners. They learn by using their senses and motor skills. It’s really a daunting task for our educators and indeed they are successful in engaging students in cooperating movements and sensory experiences into each circle time. Through rhythm and melodies, the children are able to speak more clearly, strengthen social and emotional skills. Not only this it also connects body and brain and further enhance their motor skills. We at JBM Smart Start give opportunities to our Smarties to blossom in a free atmosphere to radiate their true colors.

JBM Smart Start is truly a tribute to our steadfast commitment to rededicate ourselves to provide an exceptional education and building strong foundations for our toddlers.

Hands on learning

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Hands-on environment