Circle Time

This is the paramount and imperative session of our Smarties wherein they are always ready to learn. We give them opportunities to socialize, learn about time through schedule and routine. The substantial privilege of this time is they learn how to express, overcome shyness, develop listening and communication skills. Our educators expose them to dance, songs, different activities and games and help them promote gross motor skills and improve coordination, dexterity and agility.

Energy Bites

It’s essential to provide little ones with a nutritious meal and snack time. We make them sit together to eat their snacks and encourage to learn good eating behaviours. Our educators promote hygiene , hand – washing, to tidy up after snack and play role models to maintain good hygiene practises, self service skills.

Canvas Time

Canvas time gives our toddlers freedom to explore and create. They are the masters of moment when they smudge paint on paper, scribble with crayons. Our educators encourage them to talk about their art and promotes self expression .

Dance & Music

Through dance and music our Smarties learn new things. They interact and connect with others. With listening and social skills they gain confidence, physical fitness and overall good health. Above all they learn to work as a team, share and learn how to be creative in a group environment.


This is just the amalgamation of Rhythm, energy, emotion and action. Here our toddlers are made comfortable in a new atmosphere where they learn to sing, dance and act. It promotes cognitive, social, emotional, physical development. They are motivated to communicate, build confidence, develops creative thinking, decision making, problem solving and overcome shyness. At large it broadens mind and help the children understand the world around them.